How do I Prepare For My Renovation With Inspired Renovations?

How do I Prepare For My Renovation With Inspired Renovations?

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Your selection of a local Hills-based, fully licensed, fully insured HIA-Member builder-renovator is only the first of many good decisions you will make.

Your renovation can be a ride that may be rollercoaster or merry-go-round if you don’t know how to prepare you and your family, or know what to expect. Keeping your head will soothe your nerves if you know what to expect — so we’ve compiled this informative list of all the project elements to help you remove many of the hills and valleys:

PAPERWORK. As licensed builders we use a standard HIA agreement. There are things we have to explain from our side that helps and protects you as a consumer. You need a payment schedule to be organised. Relax. It’s all good.

As HIA Members we recognise that all parties need to work to a written roadmap with clear guidelines on issues such as:
•    When the work is to be completed
•    The scope of works
•    The contract price
•    How and when payment is to occur
•    What happens if there are delays
•    How to manage variations
•    Any other areas that could lead to misunderstandings and potential disputes.

VALUABLES. Time to lock away any jewellery or cash you may have in the house. This will give you a full night’s sleep, yeah?

SIGNAGE. We really need to put a sign up out front as identification for deliveries, drivers, tradespeople, the Surveyor, council, etc. Also to help field neighbour inquires as necessary, and the majority of our business is positive word-of-mouth from others observing our good project management.

SAFETY: is our #1 concern. The renovation phase is not the time to bring through friends and family. In many cases, PPE Gear like protective eyewear, masks and headwear is essential during visits.

CHILDREN. We love them enough to encourage you not to bring them in range of the various hazardous and safety risks like picking up screws, falling over onto nails and tripping over.

PETS. We love them. Renovating can be really stressful on household pets. Dogs can roam in and out getting in the way, brushing past new paint and getting dusty “as.” Consider a kennel hire or please let us know what to do if your pet “gets out” and what doors or gates must be kept closed.

ALL ACCESS PASS. In short give Inspired Renovations an “all access pass” to get the job done ASAP. It’s your investment into a quicker disruption. That includes key and garage and security entry codes.

YIELD. You’ve made the decision to upgrade your property in some way. A new kitchen or bathroom. A new deck. Well done. You are to be congratulated. Don’t fight the processes that come next, yield to it. It helps.

CELEBRATE. Seriously. Friends and family who are going on this journey with you could view this as a major inconvenience or a upswing in progress. Help them tweak their thought processes from discomfort and potential resentment to gratitude and joy. Celebrate your decision your way with a dinner out, BBQ, drinks or even a weekend away. Go you!

POWERED UP? Keep an eye out for local statutory notices in your mailbox for power restrictions and communicate them to the appointed Project Manager immediately.

TIP: if your renovation requires asking your friends to assist in some way, such as in doing laundry for a week or two, or having a meal at their place, make sure you invite them along and be inclusive of your journey.

LIQUIDITY. We pay all accounts and tradespersons immediately to optimise favour on your project and keep things moving. Don’t be the one to hold things up fiscally. Automate any agreed progress payments and cast your care.

DUCK AND WEAVE. You can’t make a great omelette unless you break some eggs. There will be disruption. There will be disorder. There will be dust. It’s the price you pay to collect on your vision. Plan to be away on the disruptive times of your project.

HOURS: typical times of renovation work may be from 7-7:30am to 5:00pm. Council place restrictions on the use of power tools but at times, some work may be done outside those hours where necessary and by arrangement.

PARKING. Vehicular access is essential for skip bin deliveries, van access, PC item (vanities, wall oven, baths etc) delivery by suppliers, tradespeople etc. Please inform us of any restrictions to parking on your street.

NEIGHBOURS. They can be real assets or real pains. Reject them or recruit them in your renovation project. We’ve seen neighbours bring helpful council insights, reveal property histories, take the kids after school, take the pet bird for a week, walk the dog, add security by keeping an eye on the site, offer to do laundry and bring meals. No kidding. Neighbours can be awesome!

NOISE POLLUTION or NOISE SOLUTION?: Move the home office, wi-fi access periods and school study times. Plan to escape the whirring floor sanding, power drilling, nail gun banging and hammering. Time to discover all the FREE resources of the local library or have the kids join that after-school study group. Ring the school or local church receptionist. She is the solutions pulse! Mostgood cafes have wi-fi access. Pull on your Facebook network! Manage your peace and quiet. Time to join the gym?

EXPECT WHAT YOU DON’T EXPECT. Experience has taught us that not all builders are the same. This is an industry where shortcuts are rife. We do not like shortcuts. Our world is as the Revealer of hidden issues and dodgy renovation practises: asbestos, twisted framing, “live” unsafe electricals, “weird” plumbing, backyard bricklaying and Uncle Bill’s brainiac stormwater solution. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we just can’t. Count on finding something no one could have anticipated when working out your budget and your time frame, and you will be well prepared when “expecting what you don’t expect” does happen.

VISION REVISITED. Renovation fatigue dissipates when you see progress beyond the noise and the dust. Keep the photos on your phone of the desired end result. Get that scrapbooking out. See again why you’re enduring the reno processes. Of course it’s all worth it! It’ll soon be over to truly love the space you’re in.

Service Guaranteed. Generally the conduct of our team is courteous and helpful. We believe strongly in a co-operative work culture. Have you gone to our menu on our website and seen The Inspired Renovations 14 Point Service Guarantee?

Please let us know how we are doing. We like feedback.

VARIATIONS. Ask for something outside the original Scope of Works like built-in bluetooth speakers in the kitchen ceiling for mum to tango while preparing tapas (and yes, we can do it!) and bingo: a variation notice is on it’s way! If we find the unexpected (like a water leak) … bingo! You guessed it! Another variation notice is on it’s way! A new variation notice goes out whenever there is a change to the original contract price.

You the client and us the contractor must both sign and keep a copy.

TIME DELAYS. It happens. It’s normal. Don’t panic. It’s characteristic of day-to-day renovation processes. Typical delays are rain and storm weather, flu and sicknesses, product and factory delays. A light fitting may arrive but it’s broken in the box. Who knew? Stay focussed on the end result and resolve will follow and a brag-able testimony of your faith.

OPTIONS. You may make a hundred minor decisions. Be patient. The quality of the final end result depends on it. Decisions like:
Did you want a double power point here?
Gas or electric? Natural gas or LPG?
Want your showerhead wall or ceiling mounted?
Where would you like the shave cabinet put?

Count on stacks of questions that you’ll need to answer as your project begins. It’s normal. Questions good. Questions are a reflection that we care about what YOU want.

TIP: floor and wall tiles may break over time. They are not easily matched later. Order an extra box and store them for later repairs. You’ll be glad you did.

UNVEIL. Reap the rewards of the renovation decision and process by celebrating again. Show off the new kitchen with a dinner party or luncheon with the family, colleagues and friends. It is gratifying for us to watch clients love their new space and live inspired.

TELL US. What did you learn from your latest reno project and how could we prepare you better?

A RENOVATION IS AN UPSWING IN LIFESTYLE ENJOYMENT AND EQUITY.  Although your home will soon become a worksite you will soon be enjoying the new fruits of labour. At Inspired Renovations we will do our best to minimize inconveniences.

We know we are entering your domain, your personal space. With patience, consistent communication, your preparation and on purpose project management the process will go seamlessly well and your renovations will soon be built right first time and completed ASAP for you to enjoy.

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Upgrade Your Life Experience With An Inspired Bathroom Renovation: Part One

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With the price and equity hike in property values, more Australians than ever are choosing to renovate their homes. Why is this occurring? Because the costs of shifting addresses with Agent’s fees, stamp duty for the new property, solicitor’s fees for buying and selling and the removalist’s costs starts to becomes unattractive (even prohibitive,) when compared to the investment option of a full or partial residential renovation.

This could mean for example choosing to invest instead in a new deck for new outdoor al fresco dining experiences to enjoy with friends, or a new kitchen to reinvigorate meal preparations, or choosing to invest in a complete bathroom renovation introducing new design concepts such as a new dual basins area in the main bathroom providing time-saving access and more convenience.

Not only can well planned renovations aggressively push up your home equity, but you can also upgrade the overall life and wellness experience of your whole family without booking the removalist – while remaining at the same address and enjoying the same infrastructure and conveniences that may have attracted you to the area in the first place such as nearby family, friendships made, school, shops, train station and that favourite café that knows how to get your macchiato just right.

No upheaval for the household. No packing. No break in schooling for the kids. No “dead money” spent. Hey, you may enjoy becoming a total hero to your family. Although obviously there are times when changing address is simply the only viable option for other reasons.

For many homeowners, upgrading their well-worn twenty-something year old bathroom means they can transform their yesteryear washroom into a virtual relaxation haven. Like technology, bathrooms have become more sophisticated in a relatively short space of time.

Take for example that centerpiece of the shower: the humble showerhead. They may be fixed on a mount, hand held or with a flexible head. The newer showerheads pack a powerful performance with some truly invigorating sprays.

The best models we’ve seen provide a strong and steady flow.
They can include stress reducing massaging heads that can have as many as twelve settings adjusting the flow pattern settings that will mist, massage, pulse, provide wide and narrow streams, etc.

There are popular ceiling-mounted rainforest style showerheads that cascade like a rainforest waterfall.  They are available in high polished high grade stainless steel with 3 Star ratings and 7.5L/min WELS — these can really calm you and other family members right down at the end of the day.

Another life-giving option is the aroma-producing shower heads. These are fitted with replaceable filters that claim to remove 99.99 % of chlorine in your water, adds essential oils as well as scents such as lemon, rose, coconut, jasmine or eucalyptus.

Choose from any of these showerhead choices to soothe and bring a upswing change in mood for everyone under your roof!

Part Two will examine other design choices in today’s bathroom renovation options.